Saturday, June 14, 2008

Its been raining for a couple of days and has cooled down....I gathered my first squash the last two days...My tomatoes in my garden are becoming loaded with fruit, pole beans starting to climb. The first 5 rows of bush beans are growing well and the 10 rows are poking through the ground. I have some okra blooming and some just coming up and some yet to be planted...The straw bale plants are exceeding my expections as is all my veggies. This has started out as one of the best years in a while.. I plan to keep planting in succession until the end of the month as to have plenty of market items up till frost. Next week I will embark into the world of putting up strawberry perserves to sell at market.I am also awaiting the blackberries getting ripe for th same reason....I havent had many pest problems although today i squished 5 or 6 japaneese beetles, and have had to eliminate a couple of hungry bunnies..sorry to ya'll who are a little squimish......until next time............. Gene


Us said...

Great Photos Gene. have you thought about putting them in a slide show on your Blog?
It is easy with the new systema. You need to upload photos to Picasa, google's photo library.
Call if you have questions.
P.S. Starting to pick some awesome Kentucky Wondeer Pole Beans

Suporna Sarkar said...

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